Scroll down see the class activities and homework for each day.


  1. Reading: A People's History of the United States, Chapter 1
    1. Due Monday
  2. Select Discussion Topics


  1. Critical Approaches Quiz (20 minutes)
  2. Present Fight Songs
  3. Vote for Ranking
  4. Arrange Coat of Arms and Fight Songs
  5. Homework:
    1. Don't Forget! Your reading assignment (see 09/14/06) is due Monday!


  1. Work on Fight Song Presentations
  2. Prepare for the Critical Approaches Quiz (see Summer Reading) tomorrow.
  3. Homework:

    1. (Due Monday)-Read: Beginnings-1750: Parts 1-3 (pgs. 1-112)
    2. Be prepared for a quiz on the selections.


  1. Counseling Visit
  2. Textbook Checkout
  3. Complete Team Coat-of-Arms
  4. Homework:

    1. Create a fight song or cheer for your team. We will vote on a single song for each group tomorrow.


  1. Complete Temperament Test
  2. Share five pictures (last night's homework) with a partner
  3. Begin introductions
  4. Homework:

    1. Go to the Temperaments page, follow the links, and read the descriptions of your temperament
    2. Write a one (1) page reflection on (A) what is accurate in the description regarding your temperament, (B) what is not accurate, and (C) how this knowledge will help you this year.