Scroll down see the class activities and homework for each day.


  1. Practice Senior Cheer
  2. Select Discussion Topics and discuss focus questions


  1. Vote on Flags
  2. Introduce Discussion Topics
    1. Break into Groups


  1. Collect Senior Project Topic Proposals
# Reading Quiz
  1. House Flags/Penants
    1. Due Tomorrow
  2. Homework:
    1. Read Grendel
    2. Answer reading questions-due 9/25


  1. Present Fight Songs
  2. Vote for Ranking
  3. Arrange Coat of Arms and Fight Songs
  4. Homework:
    1. Don't Forget! Your reading assignment (see 09/14/06) is due Monday!


  1. Selecting a Focus: Your Senior Project Topic
    1. What is your topic?
    2. Film: Everyday Creativity (Discuss)
    3. For each possible topic, what are three ways that you can narrow the focus of your topic?
      1. Due Tomorrow
  2. Homework:

    1. Team Fight songs are due tomorrow!
    2. Due Monday! Reading: From Legend to History Parts 1&2 (pgs. 1-70)
    3. Prepare for a quiz.
    4. Complete Senior Project Topic Proposals


  1. Counseling Visit
  2. Textbook Checkout
  3. Complete Team Coat-of-Arms
  4. Homework:

    1. Create a fight song or cheer for your team. We will vote on a single song for each group tomorrow.


  1. Continue introductions
  2. Homework:

    1. Go to the Temperaments page, follow the links, and read the descriptions of your temperament
    2. Write a one (1) page reflection on (A) what is accurate in the description regarding your temperament,


  1. Complete Temperament Test
  2. Share five pictures (last night's homework) with a partner
  3. Begin introductions